Excel Help

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular programs nowadays, which is used in many companies. However, the problem that is faced by many users, is that Excel can be sometimes very difficult to handle, especially if you need to a apply some of Excel’s advanced features. Often Excel users waste valuable time on trying to achieve tasks which can easily be done with a bit more knowledge. This is where Excel Help is very useful.

Three ways of getting Excel Help are briefly discussed below:

  1. Excel Consultant: This is a professional who knows how to manage Microsoft Excel and can help you in implementing sophisticated and dynamic solutions. By writing VBA code, the consultant can help you in developing macros to automate recurring tasks, or other complex functions which can be customized to fit your needs. Excel consultant can also help you in creating templates of the documents which you often use in your business, such as: invoices, business plans, price quotations, financial statements, financial models, etc.
  2. Microsoft Excel Help Pages: Excel Help page can assist you in learning how to use the program. It contains many categories. This is a very good place to start with if you do not know anything about Excel. Even if you are already a professional, you may still choose to revisit Microsoft Excel website from time to time. Some of the areas in which you would need Excel Help, are: charts, activating Excel, managing add-ins, printing, creating special functions, and so on.
  3. Excel F1 Key: You can easily gain access to the built-in Excel Help window which links to hundreds of online and offline articles. Both options are very informative. In these articles you will usually find good examples to clarify the usage of each function and tool in Excel. The Excel Help window contains a search field where you can input any relevant search terms.

If you still have some problem with managing the program after you have gone through the Excel Help page, you may need to use the services of an Excel consultant. There are many companies with professionals who can give you training online and offline. They may also make arrangements to come to your office and train your staff on how to make optimum use of the program in order to improve your business workflow. If your business needs a special application developed in Excel or in other MS Office applications, the Excel consultant is also capable of building-up a customized spreadsheet to fit your unique needs.

I can offer you Excel Help via Email and personal tutorials via Skype (by utilizing screen sharing). In addition, I can develop various Excel applications to help your business work more efficiently. If you need Excel Help because your spreadsheet has some bugs, I can definitely fix those bugs. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.