Excel Consultant

Microsoft Excel provides one of the best ways of managing database and information, and it is used by many small and big companies. Many people can work with Excel because it is very easy to use, even if you have little or no computer knowledge. However, there are certain things which can only be done if you have more knowledge about how the program works. This is where you need the Excel consultant to help you out.

The Excel consultant can help you in many areas, including when you want to develop the database of your company. If you allow the database to be handled by an individual who is not a professional Excel consultant, it is likely that you will have problems. Some of the areas where the consult can help you are:

  1. Excel VBA Programming: The Excel consultant can also help you in VBA programming, to automate repeating actions in Excel, to control worksheet and workbook events, to handle user forms, to create add-ins and to control the interface of Excel.
  2. Dashboard Reporting: The Excel consultant can help you out in using raw data to create Excel-based reports. The consultant will focus on professional designs and give you presentable and customized spreadsheets.
  3. Excel Financial Modeling: The Excel consultant is also capable of helping you to build financial models, no matter the type of business that you are into, whether a payroll company, real estate agency, retail and wholesale business, or any other company that has to deal with large volume of data.
  4. Excel Modeling: The Excel consultant can also help you in developing certain Excel models like price models, sensitivity analysis, customer value models, inventory modeling, workforce scheduling, etc.
  5. Excel Conversion: If you want to convert data from different formats into Excel, the Excel consultant can help in capturing the data from many sources and parse it into a single or multiple Excel files depending on your needs.
  6. Customer Invoice Templates: If you have a small or medium-sized business, the Excel consultant can help to develop invoice templates for customers, with standard product rates and descriptions. That is not all. If you want the invoice to have the integration between Excel template and QuickBooks customer information in order to have addresses and necessary details to be imported from QuickBooks to the template, such job can also be carried out for you.
  7. Excel Corporate Training: If you have a big company, and would like to train your employees on how to manage Microsoft Excel, you should rely on the Excel consultant to help you. This can help you in saving money because you would not need to hire the consultant to do every development task for you.
  8. Writing Business Plans: The Excel consultant can also help in writing business plans for presentations if you are looking for a bank loan or some other new investors in your business.

A Microsoft Excel consultant can bring a lot of improvements to your business. No business can survive without the use of numbers, therefore an Excel program is needed in making sales and cash flow projections and presenting all other interim reports to support management short-term and long-term decision making.


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